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Sony Ericsson announced today four recent phones. The recent Sony Ericsson S600 gets the form factor and the capturing camera of the current S700 model; it comes in a smaller size, but it lacks the QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) display and the card slot. The S600 will be available 4Q 2005. The Sony Ericsson stylish clamshell Z520 updates the Z500 model; it has more memory, Bluetooth and Infrared port; available 3Q 2005. The 3G Sony Ericsson K608 is just another operator version of the base K600 model; available 3Q 2005. The Sony Ericsson J210 is a small update of the J200 model, the classy screen is 65K colors now and it has MMS support; available 3Q 2005.

Update: A few hours later Sony Ericsson announced the W600a Walkman phone for the American market. It looks very similar to the just announced S600 model, but it supports the 850 Mega Hertz (MHz) band and EDGE instead of 900 Mega Hertz (MHz) and it has 256 Mega Bytes (MB) internal memory instead of 64 MB. The Sony Ericsson W600a will be available in the American Market at beginning of the 4Q 2005.

Sony Ericsson press releases

Sony Ericsson S600 super play phone -The swivel phone that’s ready to party

CommunicAsia, Singapore – The recent Sony Ericsson S600, launched today, will undoubtedly appeal to the unashamedly expressive youth audience. Packed with features to enhance the lifestyles of those who live their lives to the fullest, the S600 is unique, delivering maximum fun and excitement in an ultra stylish package.

The S600 offers multiple ways of communication for maximum creativity to share messages, pictures and information. Voice calls can be made with the phone closed or open to utilize the keypad. The 1.3 MegaPixel capturing camera is remarkable for recording video clips - with 4 x zoom for remarkable close-ups - that can be sent via MMS or Bluetooth. Sharing, storing and printing pictures is made easy with QuickShare™. The phone also supports instant messaging and POP3/IMAP4 email, enabling users to haged in touch across the world using whatever method is most convenient.

Gigs, movie schedules, search engines and webmail can easily be checked with the internet browser that features a choice of viewing modes: full scale mode enables users to scroll round the complete page, or if preferred, information can be presented in a single column. Either way, the colorful 1.8 inch 262K TFT display provides razor sharp pictures.

Gamers will be stunned by the S600’s wideclassy screen mode. For the first time games can be played with the classy screen horizontal, enhancing the wideclassy screen detail and excitement of games and giving a console gaming experience. The directional buttons on the left and dedicated game action buttons on the correct of the classy screen are used for two handed control, and gamers can create full utilize of these with the pre-installed 3D versions of Worms™ Forts: Under Siege 3D developed by THQ Wireless, Extreme Air Snowboarding™ developed by Digital Chocolate and a recent multiplayer version of Midway’s Gauntlet™, developed under license by TKO Software. Games can also be played in a more conventional portrait mode or an L-shaped mode using the keyboard and the S600 supports multi-player peer-2-peer gaming via Bluetooth™.

Stereo sound can be enjoyed through the headset packaged with the phone or with friends through the phone’s powerful stereo speakers with MegaBass™ and Stereo Widening™ to enhance the sound. The S600 is supplied with music copying Personal Computer (PC) Software and a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable for quick transfer of music and images from the PC. If a call comes in when the user is listening to music on the headphones, the music fades out and resumes when the call is finished. As the ringtone sounds through the headphone, the chances of missing a call are minimised.

The S600 has an impressive 64 Mega Bytes (MB) memory, which means it can download and store hundreds of games, movie clips, music videos and ringtones from Sony Ericsson’s Fun & Downloads website or operator networks.

There are plenty of ways to personalise the S600, which is available in universe blue, orchid white and radiant yellow. Choose a different colour from the range of additional Style-Up™ covers available in the market and match them with wallpapers, themes and start-up/close-down animations downloaded from Fun & Downloads. There’s no reason to ever acquire bored with this stylish, fun phone.

The S600 will be available at the beginning of the 4th quarter 2005.


Sony Ericsson Z520 – cool curves in a smooth shell. A compact quad-band phone for the fashion conscious

CommunicAsia, Singapore – Sony Ericsson today announced the launch of the Z520, a global phone aimed at the fashion conscious who want the functionality of an up-to-the-minute device in an appealing, stylish design. The Z520’s high-tech features are wrapped inside the smooth sleek body of an elegant clamshell, creating a small and inviting handset that fits in the hand as easily as it does in the pocket or bag.

The Z520 fits into any fashion scheme, although this Bluetooth™-enabled device is a fully featured phone that works all over the world. It comes in a wide choice of colour schemes based on white and silver frames, and additional Style-Up™ covers in a multitude of patterns allow for ultimate personalization, making the Z520 fit for any occasion.

Designed to support a busy social or working life, the external classy screen displays the caller’s picture if it is associated with their number. An ingenious light effect, which uses blue lights built into the phone’s perimeter, lets you know who’s calling by flashing one of the eight light patterns, which are paired with melodies. All of these effects are linked to the phonebook contacts.

The Video Graphics Array (VGA) capturing camera can hold pictures or video clips with the phone open or closed. The capturing camera lens is on the same side as the external screen, which acts as a reference viewfinder, so you can easily frame shots of yourself or with friends. When the phone is open, the 1.8 inch TFT display shows the full resolution pictures. Images can be linked to contacts, shared around locally using infrared or Bluetooth™, or sent to friends as an MMS message.

Sharing the fun and staying in touch is easy. Users can SMS, instant message, e-mail or sdiscontinue still pictures or video clips by MMS. The simple-to-utilize Internet browser means that movie schedules, flight times, train times, etc., can be checked and becautilize it’s quad-band the phone can be used anywhere in the world.

Z520 will be available from 3rd quarter 2005 onwards in the Americas, Asia Pacific region, China, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Sony Ericsson supports growing 3G UMTS services with recent K608 - K608 is the sleek, lightweight 3G phone for fast, content-rich downloads

CommunicAsia, Singapore - Today’s launch of the K608 3G UMTS mobile phone widens Sony Ericsson’s portfolio of 3G handsets, giving mass appeal to 3G and the vast range of services and applications it offers. This latest in the K600 family of 3G phones supports all the major operators’ 3G services, including video conferencing and quick downloads of music, games, videos and other multimedia content.

The K608 is a sleek, durable device that weighs the same as existing 2G phones, putting an discontinue to the age of bulky 3G handsets. International 3G operator 3 (Hutchison 3G) has been confirmed as one of the first customers for the K608.

The K608 has sleek fine looks and an aluminium feel and is easy to utilize and navigate around. Sony Ericsson’s latest intuitive dual front camera/phone design makes the handset vertical when it’s a phone, and horizontal when it’s a camera, and the fully featured 1.3 MegaPixel capturing camera includes an active lens cover for swift activation and extra protection. For consumers getting used to the gripping concept of video telephony, handling video calls is done in just a few clicks with the utilize of the direct video telephony button. The world of applications the phone delivers, from exciting mobile content to video calling and personal creativity, are always crisp and clear with the large - 1.8 inch – 262.000 colour TFT classy screen

The K608 is fully featured with a suite of business applications that handle personal information management and PC-synchronisation via Universal Serial Bus (USB) or Bluetooth™, making it the ideal executive work tool, providing business efficiency with high speed access.

High quality audio coupled with an Frequency Modulation (FM) radio and the ability to import full track music downloads direct to the phone create the K600 a quality music player and ideal companion for travelling, the gym or simply relaxing. For consumers keen to exercise their creative muscle, a host of personal creativity tools allows them to personalise ringtones, wallpapers, still shots and video footage in new, inspiring ways.

The K608 will be commercially available in Q3 2005

K608i Dual mode UMTS-GSM/General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) 900/1800/1900.


Sony Ericsson’s effortlessly practical J210 extends entry-level range

CommunicAsia, Singapore – Those looking for a phone with stylish looks and a no-nonsense approach will welcome the recent Sony Ericsson J210 which is launched today. A follow-up product to the highly successful J200, the J210 is a straightforward device for people whose primary communication style is voice and basic messaging and have no need for a fully-featured mobile phone

Designed for every day use, the J210 makes life easier by mixing practical ergonomics with a simple, intuitive interface. The slim design incorporates a large keypad with joystick for easy navigation, and a colorful 65K colour screen. Using the phone in a variety of situations is made effortless as speech clarity is provided and a dedicated ringtone speaker delivers clear sound for incoming calls. And, although the J210 is designed with voice communication in mind, it is easy for users to supplement calls with SMS text and MMS picture messaging.

The J210 also helps to manage daily life with practical features as it includes a personal calendar to provide reminders of appointments and an alarm clock. The phone book can have up to 200 entries and there are a variety of personalised themes, wallpapers and polyphonic ringtones. Tri-band capability means that users can stay in touch when they are on holiday or on business abroad.

The J210 will be available in the 3rd quarter 2005.


Sony Ericsson Redefines Music on the Move With W600 Walkman Phone for American Market - High-Quality Digital Music, 3D Gaming and Megapixel Imaging - Advance Mobile Entertainment

London – Sony Ericsson today announced a second Walkman mobile phone, the Sony Ericsson W600 in New York, a unique all-in-one compact device. With the W600 consumers can, handle phone calls while listening to digital music on the move, capture remarkable quality mega pixel images and video, experience 3D game play as well as access the Internet and e-mail

The W600 is the second in a series of Walkman phones that deliver an open-standard-based digital music player for the mass market combined with a wide variety of key features such as:

  • easy-to-utilize software to copy music to the device

  • ample music storage power & long battery life

  • remarkable sound quality w/ superior headphones and built-in stereo speakers

  • cutting-edge designs

  • easy connection to other devices via Bluetooth™

Walkman Phone - Music On-The-Go Anytime Anywhere

The W600 handles multiple file formats including MP3 and AAC. Using Personal Computer (PC) software from Sony CONNECT, downloaded songs and songs copied from CD’s can be transferred to the W600.

Keeping a music collection up to date is easy. Consumers can browse, sort, find, transfer and delete music files. The W600 can store up to ten full length CDs or between 80 and 120 songs depending on bit rate.

With a unique music / flight mode setting that turns off the mobile phone transmitter and the high quality headphones, consumers can listen to music anywhere at anytime. The W600 will play music for up to 15 hours with the phone on, or 30 hours with the phone in music mode

Staying Connected

The W600 supports Bluetooth wireless functionality to easily connect other Bluetooth enabled devices such as photo printers and headsets or for peer-to-peer gaming. Universal Serial Bus (USB) plug and play allows consumers to go images, music, and video easily between a Personal Computer (PC) and the W600.

Capturing Memories

The W600 has a 1.3 MegaPixel camera, video recorder, picture light, and is as simple to utilize as a traditional digital camera.

Mobile Entertainment

With the W600, games can be played in both vertical and horizontal mode enhancing the wideclassy screen details which gives the feel of a console gaming experience. The W600 offers an enhanced gaming experience via a 3D graphic engine making game play quick and smooth. A unique five-way navigation key and dedicated A/B gaming buttons provides the feel of traditional gaming.

The W600 will be available in the American Market at beginning of the fourth quarter 2005.

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