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It seems that Nokia has a track or two in their sleeves (pun intended) when it comes to their recent line of music smartphones. Targeting at the portable music players fans, the Finnish manufacturer has reinvented its highly popular N-series mobiles - Nokia N70, Nokia N73, and Nokia N91.

Music Edition: Nokia N91 8GB, Nokia N73, Nokia N70

The flagship in this Music Range trio is the Nokia N91 which would offer a 8GB hard disk for storing all your favorite tracks. Dressed in black and stylish as ever, the recent Music Edition or Music Range N-series devices are ready more than ever to be used as music players on-the-go. The added music features include the addition of dedicated music player control keys, recent Nokia Music Manager software as a part of the Nokia Personal Computer (PC) Suite, 3.5 mm jacks for using standard headphones with the mobiles, and more memory for the storing music.

The Nokia N70 Music Edition and Nokia N73 Music Edition are expected to become commercially available in October 2006 and the Nokia N91 8GB by the discontinue 2006, at estimated prices of 350, 450 and 550 euros respectively.


Nokia press release

Special black editions of Nokia N70, Nokia N73 and Nokia N91 8GB offer ultimate mobile music experiences

Nokia Open Studio 2006, New York, US - Today, Nokia unveiled music editions of three Nokia Nseries multimedia computers, the Nokia N70 Music Edition, Nokia N73 Music Edition and Nokia N91 8GB. The Nokia Nseries Music Range combines sleek black design with heightened mobile music experiences appealing to the music enthusiast in everyone. Key benefits include dedicated music access keys, Nokia Personal Computer (PC) Suite and recent software for easy synchronization and music management, and additional storage power - with an 8GB hard drive, the Nokia N91 8GB is a fully-loaded music machine!

Whether you're sitting on the bus or walking down the street, you can now like your music more conveniently. Your favourite tunes are only one touch away with dedicated music access keys. Managing your music is further simplified with the integrated music player. From the music menu you can build and edit play lists on the fly. It's also a breeze to rip your CDs, synchronize them with your device, and start grooving on the go with the Nokia Music Manager, a part of Nokia Personal Computer (PC) Suite.

In addition, the Nokia N70 Music Edition, Nokia N73 Music Edition and Nokia N91 8GB have more memory for all those have-to-have songs, with up to 1GB, 2GB and 8GB respectively. With support for the two most popular music formats worldwide, MP3 and AAC, no song should go unheard. For enhanced sound quality you can utilize a compatible high quality headphone with the standard 3.5mm stereo headset plug.

Furthermore, with web connectivity you can like high quality music on the go. You can easily access the latest news on your favorite artists, buy upcoming concert tickets, and hear the latest tracks - all at your fingertips. Experiences such as podcasting, Stereo Frequency Modulation (FM) radio with Station Directory and Visual Radio, and Music Recommenders, further push the boundaries of mobile music.

Nokia N91 8GB: Jukebox in your pocket

The iconic Nokia N91 8GB offers the best music experience for mobile. With an 8GB hard drive you acquire up to 6000 songs. Features such as dedicated music keys, premium inbox music-optimized headset with remote control, synchronization with Windows Media Player, and Bluetooth connectivity support combined with the other essential ingredients that create up the Nokia Nseries Music Range, the recent Nokia N91 8GB is a accurate jukebox in your pocket.

Nokia N73 Music Edition: Digital meets audio

The Nokia N73 Music Edition is a stunning multimedia computer with up to 2GB of memory, integrated stereo speakers for optimized audio pleasure, and easy synchronization with Windows Media Player. With support for MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ and WMA, you can choose how you rip your tunes and play them. Complemented with exquisite photography features such as a 3.2 megapixel capturing camera with Carl Zeiss optics and autofocus, the Nokia N73 Music Edition is a bona fide marriage of digital and audio.

Nokia N70 Music Edition: All-in-one music player

Up to 1GB memory, the Nokia N70 Music Edition gives you more music in your pocket. You can personalize your music with a choice of digital music tracks and press the music key for direct access to them. Also, utilize the music-optimized headset with remote control for easy access. With these enhanced music capabilities, this compact package has high-performance multimedia at its core.

The Nokia N70 Music Edition and Nokia N73 Music Edition are expected to become commercially available in October 2006 and the Nokia N91 8GB by discontinue 2006, with estimated, unsubsidized sales prices of approximately 350, 450 and 550 euros respectively.

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