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Today is a special day becautilize we launch our long-awaited mobile-tailored version of the website. We've put a lot of effort in its design and we really hope you like it.

Our main goal was to create a website that's easy to navigate through a mobile browser, while keeping as many of the features of the main site as possible. So no matter if you are browsing the site through your smartphone or your desktop computer - you will have access to the same content.

While many popular websites chose to create mobile apps, we felt that a mobile version, which supports all popular platforms would be the correct way to go. That way it would be easier for us to implement recent features and there won't be arguments over who got what version first. Plus, we thought it would be better if we focus our future efforts on bringing you high-quality content, instead of keeping several mobile apps up to date.

Let's start with the homepage, which gives you quick access the latest news, reviews and phone specification pages. We kept things compact by introducing easy to utilize content sliders, which can be operated by swipes or by pressing the previous or next buttons.

Also on the homepage, you will find two of your favorite features from the full desktop site - autocomplete search and user login.

The Autocomplete phone search works like you'd expect. You start typing a part of the phones name and it recommends the most popular devices containing the letters you type. You can then proceed to tap on the device you are actually looking for and check out its specifications.

We tried to haged the news and reviews articles clean and easy to read without unnecessary distractions. You can view full-sized sample and phone images hassle-free. Oh, and you can post your comments with the recent mobile-friendly comments section.

One of our most popular feature - the phone specification database has naturally been carried to the mobile version as well. We've also included the user rankings and the interest ratings of each handset.

To create sure that you don't miss something we've prepared a quick walk-through video of the mobile version.

Like it? Well, go ahead and try it yourself then! To access the mobile version of our site you can utilize the gigantic red button at the bottom of the page, when you open through a mobile browser. Alternatively, you can type and bookimprint this address

Once we see everything is working smoothly, we will forward you to the correct version for your browser automatically (you will always have an option to override that, of course).

As always, we are open to suggestions and if you happen to experience any bugs, disclose us in the comments section, mentioning your phone and browser.

Unfortunately, Opera Mini, S40 and S60 users won't acquire to like the complete functionality of the site due to the limited feature support of those browsers, but they should still have access to almost all of the content inside.

Updatе, Jan 27:Thanks for the remarkable feedback. We saw many of you requesting a link to our blog on our mobile site. We are hard at work on a mobile version of the blog and as soon as we're finished, it will be integrated on the main mobile homepage as it is now on the desktop version.

Another thing you guys ask for is a dedicated application (mainly for Android, it seems). A dedicated mobile site is better than an application for numerous reasons we explained. Moreover, since our database is constantly expanding and undergoes daily fixes and maintenance, there is no way to create accurate offline app, which is what you seem to be after.

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