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Apple IPhone Can Now Record Video Mp3 Download


Ever since the Apple iPhone was released it has been (rightfully) criticized for the lack of video recording capabilities. Or so it was until today as a third-party solution seems to be just around the corner.

The guy from Monster and Friends has just posted a working beta of an application that can actually create videos using the iPhone's camera. What is even more exiting than that is the fact that the videos are captured at 2 megapixel resolution. Yeah, you heard that correct - 2 megapixel.

As of now however the framerate is quite low achieving the miserly 10 fps but this is no surprise as at this stage the application is more proof of concept than something really useful. The author however promises that even videos of 40-45 fps could actually be captured with next versions.

Check out this YouTube video of how the beta works:

A brecent promise by all means but we are yet to see if it can actually be fulfilled. As of now the application allows the iPhone to record a 5 second video and replay it correct after it is captured. We are yet to see if the promise for a 15-30 fps video at unlimited length will also be kept with the final version.

You can download the iPhone video recording application here.

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