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Windows Mobile 2003 SE Announced Mp3 Download

download - Windows Mobile 2003 SE Announced


At Mobile Developer Conference (DevCon) 2004, Microsoft announced the recent Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition - an extended version of Windows Mobile 2003 software platform. The Windows Mobile platform adds support for dynamic classy screen switching between landscape and portrait modes and square classy screen resolution support that enables smaller devices with keyboards - both of which are platform firsts. Additional features include Video Graphics Array (VGA) and QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) that support high-resolution displays for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and Smartphones, respectively. The updated Windows Mobile Developer Resource Kit allows developers to easily create recent applications and services based on the recent software and thus benefit directly from the recent functionality expected, such as higher-resolution screens and recent form factors.

"The Motorola MPx with a unique, compact dual-hinge design is one of the first devices that hold advantage of key capabilities enabled by Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition software," assumed Michael Tatelman, vice president and general manager of the MOTOPro group, Motorola Mobile Handset Business. According to Motorola, the MPx will replace the "multi-device syndrome", by blending the best of a mobile phone, personal data assistant (PDA) and email messenger in one easy-to-utilize compact device.

The Motorola MPx is expected to be available in the second half of 2004.

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