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The widely popular PMP manufacturer iRiver has reported their plans to enter the cell phone market with their first Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) phone, showcasing a prototype of ala-iPhone-device with a full touchclassy screen navigation.

The iRiver Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) phone doesn't have a particular name as of yet and is due for the discontinue of 2008. The iRiver phone runs on Linux-based user interface and has a large 3-inch touchclassy screen display with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. There is no keypad and the navigation and text input is done solely by tapping on the large classy screen - just like on iPhone. But the similarities with Apple's divine creation don't discontinue here.

iRiver Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) phone photos from CES

The credit for the photos goes to

The user interface of the iRiver phone is strikingly familiar with the Apple iPhone one - the unlocking slider, the phone application, the icons structure and the icon graphics themselves, as well as the media player is suspiciously identical to the iPhone. Other features found in the iRiver phone are the 2 megapixel capturing camera (being capable of shooting video though), 4GB on-board memory, build-in GPS, mobile TV, as well as an Adobe Flash player for watching YouTube on-the-go.

Typical for a prototype, the iRiver's Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) phone software is an early beta version and not yet fully functional. It is not yet clear whether all the current specifications will see their implementation in the retail version of the phone. The most vital ones are probably the Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) and 3G support.

Frankly, we doubt this phone will ever hit the market in this outfit, as the user interface clearly infringes several Apple iPhone patents. Raising the Apple's lawyers gang is the last thing anyone would like to mess with.

The iRiver Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) phone is expected first in Europe with the price still unknown.

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