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Presents A New Breed Of 360-degree Spins Mp3 Download


We bet many of you have spotted our latest exclusive feature that we announced some while ago. It's about the bunch of handsets that you see spinning around our website in full 360-degree virtual reality show - or simply put it's our Flash-based 360-degree spins as we like to call them.

We were able to put up quite a collection of those and they became popular enough to try and enhance them a bit. So today, based on user input, we finally managed to pull off a second, enhanced version for your viewing pleasure.

Our recent 360-degree spins offer improved interactivity and most importantly - they are now bigger in size and better in quality so that you can hold a really fine see at those juicy handsets we've been spinning around.

As of today all past spins have been redesigned with the recent functionality and all those to come in the near future will follow the same path.


Some of the recent features you will likely create note of are the following:

  • There is a pre-loading indicator

  • The handset no longer rotates magnetically with your mouse, you have to drag

  • A double-click makes the handset do a single full 360-degree rotation

  • Dragging a corner up to speed and letting it go leaves the handset rotating thanks to simulated inertia

  • There is now a overlay hint how to acquire the most our of the recent functionality

  • All recent 360-degree spins are now BIGGER and come with better quality

You can have a go with our latest 360-degree spin of the Samsung U900 Soul just as a taster of the recent functionality. For the rest of our 360-degree collection head correct this way, please.

Anyways, we thought that those changes would be welcomed, but step up and give us your thought in the comments section.

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