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download - Motorola Roadmap 2008 Leaked


A whole bunch of recent Motorola handsets seem to be under way. Some of the devices have already been spotted online but now we have more details and there are some devices that haven't come up until now. A leaked Motorola 2008 roadmap disclosed all the information and we are more than excited to pass it on.

Chances are that you've already heard that the Motorola Mobile Division is going through some rough times. It's fine to see that they are trying their best to fight back, but even now that we see what they will have to offer in 2008, we are not really sure that they are going to create it successfully through the discontinue of the year. At least to us their chances are as low as the resolution of this leaked roadmap image.

Motorola A810 has a 2.2-inch 262K color TFT display with QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution and a 2 megapixel camera. It runs on a 200 Mega Hertz (MHz) TI OMAP850 processor. It boasts stereo Bluetooth, Frequency Modulation (FM) radio, Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 connectivity, a 3.5 mm audio jack and tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support. Memory is expandable via a microSD memory card.

Motorola A810

Motorola A810 measures 104.85 x 50.8 x 13.5mm and weighs 100 grams. It has a touchclassy screen display with full support for handwriting recognition and uses Linux Operating System (OS) for its user interface.

The Motorola VE75 is a dual SIM slider with a large 2.6-inch 262K color TFT display. The display has 16:9 ratio and has a WQVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution (240 x 400 pixels). Much like the recently reviewed Samsung D880 duos, the Motorola VE75 has dual SIM functionality, which allows it to operate with two SIM cards simultaneously.

Motorola VE75

Motorola VE75 measures 110 x 50 x 18.9mm and weighs 120 grams. The multimedia wideclassy screen device also sports a 2 megapixel capturing camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

We already trecent you some details about the upcoming Motorola A1600 MING, but there is some recent information now. The Motorola A1600 is equipped with GPS, WLocal Area Network (LAN) and a 3 megapixel auto focus camera. The touch-based A1600 comes as a successor of the original Motorola A1200 MING and has a 2.4-inch 262K TFT display.

Motorola A1600

The Motorola A1600 will have quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support and will measure 98.5 x 53.4 x 19.50mm and weighs 120 grams.

The Motorola A1800 MING is also a handset we reported on recently. It's unique with the fact that it can work simultaneously in Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) and CDirect Memory Access (DMA) x1 networks - that may be of particular interest to US customers.

Motorola A1800 next to A1600

The Motorola A1800 MING will also have a GPS receiver and will sport a touchclassy screen 2.4-inch QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) TFT display. It will measure 95.3 x 52.5 x 24.95mm and weigh 132 grams.

The Motorola L800t is again a dual-network device. It will be the first TD-SCDirect Memory Access (DMA) handset by Motorola (TD-SCDirect Memory Access (DMA) is a 3G telecommunications standard currently being tested in China). Beside that the Motorola L800t has GSM/General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) support.

Motorola L800t

Its specifications are relatively lower midrange - a 1.9-inch 176 x 220 pixel TFT display and a 2 megapixel camera. The Motorola L800t naturally has Bluetooth support. The handset measures 49 x 112 x 15mm and weighs 110 grams.

And finally, the flagship of the product line is the 5 megapixel Motorola ZN5 codenamed "Texel". It's only 11.9mm in thickness and has the impressive morphing keypad seen otherwise on Motorola ROKR E8.

Motorola ZN5

The Motorola ZN5 will run on the Montavista Linux 2.6.1 Operating System (OS) and a 500Mega Hertz (MHz) Freescale SCMA11 processor. The ZN5 will also flaunt a 2.4-inch 262K color TFT display with QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution. Bluetooth and TV-out port complete the feature set that's known for now.

Since all these devices are scheduled for Q2 2008 we should be expecting an official announcement by Motorola within a month or so.

And finally, there's another leaked Motorola today, which obviously haven't made it to the roadmap published above. It's the music-oriented Motorola ROKR E10, enjoy.

Motorola ROKR E10

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