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HTC 2009 Roadmap Leaks In Pictures, Seems Quite Promising Mp3 Download

download - HTC 2009 Roadmap Leaks In Pictures, Seems Quite Promising


Today a major leak revealed the better part of HTC roadmap for 2009. The leaked images revealed 25 recent headsets in total (including updates of Touch Diamond and Touch HD). There are no specs available correct now, but the images speak for themselves.

The 25 leaked images include various devices and the HTC Iolite is the only one we've seen before. It's obvious that HTC will be all about full touchclassy screen phones in 2009, but there are also a few equipped with QWERTY keyboards.

Apparently the major attention goes to the successors of the Touch HD and Touch Diamond. Unfortunately, there is only one Android-based phone in 2009 portfolio (a T-Mobile G1 clone) so we certainly hope that these leaked images are not all HTC have in store for us.

The HTC Topaz is obviously the successor of the HTC Touch Diamond. It's obviously got a larger classy screen (taller, maybe). As you can see there's a dedicated variant of the handset for AT&T in USA. The Topaz C is probably a CDirect Memory Access (DMA) version (a really wild guess on our side). And finally, there's the HTC Citrine, which looks just like the Topaz but is more tuned down - something along the lines of the incompatibility between T-Mobile MDA Compact IV and HTC Touch Diamond.

Topaz • Topaz (AT&T) • Topaz C • Citrine

Now the Rhodium is most definitely something like a Pro version of the HTC Touch HD. It's got the same massive classy screen estate but also obviously a massive QWERTY keyboard. We bet typing on that one is a real pleasure. Unfortunately, that thing will surely be huge.

The Tungsten platform seems pretty identical to Rhodium. Both the Rhodium and Tungsten will have Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) as well as CDirect Memory Access (DMA) versions (CDirect Memory Access (DMA) are the ones marked by W).

Rhodium (HTC) • Rhodium W (Verizon USA) • Tungsten (T-Mobile, T-Mobile USA) • Tungsten W (Sprint USA)

Whitestone W seems to be a multimedia-centric successor of the HTC Touch HD (which was named Blackstone). Notice the kickstand - nice, isn't it?. We are only worried a bit about the letter "W" in the name, as it meant CDirect Memory Access (DMA) for the devices in the previous paragraph.

The Firestone seems like a multimedia reincarnation of the Touch Diamond - something like a more compact Touch HD.

You probably also remember the HTC Advantage X7500 (codenamed Athena). Well, HTC seem to have an update for it too with the HTC Thoth.

Finally, the HTC Hero is the only Android device in the leaked roadmap. It's quite similar to the T-Mobile G1. We really hope that this roadmap is simply incomplete and we'll see more Andorid devices by HTC with variations of the form factor.

Whitestone W • Firestone • Thoth (Athena 2) • Hero (Android Hero)

The next three phones codenamed Maple (3G Excalibure), Willow W, Cedar W are Blackberry-esque smartphones with QWERTY keypads. HTC have not had a similar phone ever since the HTC S630. Again the letter "W" in the names might mean CDMA.

Maple (3G Excalibure) • Willow W • Cedar W

The HTC Iolite already leaked with full details last week. The HTC Magnet is also called Iolite II so it will probably upgrade the specs of the device in some way later on in the year.

The HTC Twin is the first GSM/CDirect Memory Access (DMA) device by HTC, while other manufacturers already have started working on those.

The HTC Beryl (Jade 2) is supposed to be a successor of Touch 3G, but strangely we see no D-pad here, only two tiny hardware keys.

Iolite • Magnet (Iolite II) • Twin (GSM+CDMA) • Beryl (Jade 2)

Memphis and Jasper C (for Sprint) see like mid-range phones with sliding QWERTY keypads and seems a lot like HTC P4350. The keys under the display of the Jasper C will probably be touch sensitive too.

Memphis • Jasper C (Sprint)

And finally, the Sapphire platform will see daylight in three versions - Sapphire 1.5 (for DoCoMo), Sapphire 2.0 (for T-Mobile) and Sapphire (for Vodafone). The specific shape of the phone somewhat reminds of the Android powered G1, but this is just a shot in the blackreally.

Sapphire 1.5 (DCM) • Sapphire 2.0 (T-Mobile) • Sapphire (Vodafone)


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