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BlackDot Mobile Awards Announced At CTIA Wireless 2009 Mp3 Download

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Update April 2nd: The truth is that the Black Dot awards which are in the focus of this article are nothing more than a Fool's Day prank that we devised.

We are really pleased it turned out that successful and we enjoyed reading your feedback in the comments. There were quite some people that did fell for this one.

That being said, it was just an innocent joke (though quite an elaborate one) and we hope it was as entertaining to you as it was to us. Don't miss paying a visit to the comments section becautilize the user input there is surely worth it.

The BlackDot awards committee, a US subsidiary of the popular European telecommunications award fund, officially announced the 2009 award-winning list. One of the most coveted devices this year made an appearance in the highly prestigious nominations ceremony.

The BlackDot awards are an annual event at which the best wireless devices acquire nominated and voted in various categories by a board of industry professionals. There are a lot of categories covering various gadgets, but we'll concentrate only on the ones that feature mobile phones.

The BlackDot best mobile imaging award surprisingly goes to the iPhone 3G. According to the John Nash, chairman of the jury, "the iPhone 3G is actually a quite capable cameraphone given there is enough light. There are some excellent examples proving its capabilities."

Apple iPhone 3G

Speaking of imaging capabilities, the Samsung Omnia HD has also snatched one of the awards - it heads the Creative naming category with its superscript naming, which is shared by quite a lot of the latest Samsung phones. Its first and second runner-ups are the blackdot , mobile , awards , announced , at , ctia , wireless , 2009 ,

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