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Bluetooth Special Interest Group launches Bluetooth Core

Specification Version 2.0 + Enhanced Data Rate, providing

an improved usability through smoother multi-device

scenarios, faster file transfers and longer battery life.

These three problems are proved to be a milestone in the

Bluetooth functionality.

The indebt work of Bluetooth SIG resulted in a significantly

increased data rates (up to three times current levels),

lower power consumption that will improve the Bluetooth

user experience when running multiple Bluetooth devices

simultaneously and transferring large data files due to

more available bandwidth, as well as longer battery life in

mobile devices. There is a full compatibility with all

previous specifications, a must for the successful

integration of the Version's v2.0 + EDR on the market.

Furthermore, the improved BER (Bit Error Rate) performance

will boost the process of a successful data transfer.

“The motivation behind 2.0 + EDR was to improve existing

usage scenarios which require increased data throughput,

like streaming CD-quality audio, digital image transfer and

laser printing,” assumed Dr. Michael Foley, executive director

of the Bluetooth SIG. “Now manufacturers can update to the

latest Bluetooth specification to fit the demands of

consumers for their particular product – and the user will

acquire a better Bluetooth experience.”

The Bluetooth SIG expects products based upon the

specification to be available in 2005. Products from the PC

industry are expected to be the first on the market with

the recent specification, followed by devices for audio and

imaging utilize cases. Several companies (Broadcom, CSR, RF

Micro Devices) have tested 2.0 + EDR prototypes and chips

with the recent specification are available immediately from

Broadcom and CSR, and in Q1 2005 from RF Micro Devices.

The Bluetooth SIG also laid out a roadmap for future

improvements to Bluetooth. Priorities within the next year

include quality of service (QoS), security, and power

consumption, while the multi-cast, additional security and

long-range performance are set to 2006's priorities.

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